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Time-tested technology

Texas Instruments has increased the MSP430G2xx series of microcontrollers. Now there are 16-b. The main changes concerned the amount of internal memory – now available with up to 8 KB flash memory and 256 bytes of RAM. Also, the new microcontrollers have a port pins that are compatible with capacitive touch buttons. 

Features and benefits of the MSP430 Value Line:

Compared to 8-bit microcontrollers with higher performance up to 10 times at 16MIPS and 50% greater code density

5 power modes with ultra-low standby mode of 0.4 µa and a time of transition in the mode of maximum performance 1mks, providing longer battery life compared to 8-bit solutions

Integrated peripherals: 10-bit ADCS, UART, comparator, timers, temperature sensor, serial communication interfaces 

Budget development tools and IDE are compatible with all MSP430 MCU platform 

Integrated line I/o, optimized for capacitive sensors, allowing to implement keyboard touch without extra external components.