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Buy Diodes from OOO "SpecElektronKomplektaciya" — means You spend the minimum amount of time and money, receiving in return high-quality products. At the moment the diodes are gaining increasing popularity among any field of life. Manufacturing or home — they are in demand everywhere. But, as often happens when choosing this or that product, You need to know what to choose from. Diodes are no exception.

A diode is a two-electrode element, which has different conductivity depending on the direction of the current. When buying a diode for each individual case of consumption there are labeling, which answers the question about the possibility of using the diode in a particular case. Depending on the type of diode varies its price. Their klassificeret:

  •  physical properties;
  • electrical parameters;
  • purpose;
  • design;
  • the genus of the source material;

There are vacuum diodes, gas-filled, semiconductor, etc. currently, the vast majority of cases, used semiconductor diodes.

Also, the diodes are separated by a system of signs.

Company SSC AERO is ready to supply You with diodes and stabilizers of various series: D,2D, DL, KD, KDB, UDC, KS, KV, KT, 2B, UKC, KC, 51