OOO "SpecElektronKomplektaciya"

Time-tested technology

Buy advanced chips on favorable terms of cooperation, will help the company OOO "SpecElektronKomplektaciya".

We are professionals who will help you to solve a number of complex tasks with a complete set of the enterprise or research Institute. We work with many industry professionals and they are themselves.

Buy chips in Moscow, domestic and foreign. OOO "SpecElektronKomplektaciya" offers to your attention only products of proven partners, using which you can be confident in the quality and accuracy of the data provided for some products. For each chip we have detailed information which you can request our engineer Department. Besides, you will receive full and comprehensive consultation, after which they can optimally generate order. We work not only in Moscow and Moscow region, but throughout Russia. Our suppliers are leaders in the industry of microelectronics and modern solutions within the country and abroad.

Your attention will be presented as a film, hybrid, semiconductor and others. IMS as domestic production and their foreign counterparts. We work with companies that know how to value your time and money. However, we do not focus on the size of the company and happy to work with small companies and even repair shops. Our huge advantage is a large catalog of radio components and other products that allows you to purchase all you need in one proven and do not need to worry about this part of the work, because it will fail 100%.

Microprocessors series: 580 - 589, 1800 - 1806, 1807 - 1815, 1816 - 1826, 1827 - 1840, 1842 - 1880.

Digital circuits series TTL: 133, 155, 530, 531, 533, 555, 1525, 1530, КР1530, 1531, КР1531, 1533, КР1533

Digital IC series CMOS: 564. 561, 1002, 1526, 1554, КР1554, 1561, КР1561, 1564, КР1564, 1594, КР1594

Digital IC ECL series: 100, 500, 1500, СТ1590, КС1590

Integrated circuit wide applications series: 140 - 174, 175 - 558, 1000 - 1020, 1021 - 1049, 1051 - 1093, 1106 - 1568