OOO "SpecElektronKomplektaciya"

Time-tested technology

Modern instrumentation requires a lot of attention to each element of the instrument and confidence in the components nodes. It's the reliability and the correct operation of the device. This is especially important for medical, military, construction equipment. 

Relay is an important element that has allowed to reduce the dimensions of the device at higher productive characteristics. That led to their production on the largest areas of electronics manufacturing. Нетt an exception and China. 

Chinese relay is a modern element with high performance. In this case, we mean those Chinese relays, with which our company works OOO "SpecElektronKomplektaciya". We check the quality of products and has many years of experience that would weed out those production sites that do not meet high international standards. And the price of such relays is lower than the imported analogues of well-known manufacturers.

The relay-based products are miniature electromagnetic relay with a movable ferromagnetic armature, which is the most common class of Electromechanical relays. Are also electric static timing relay, including a contact output. Series RES, REC, RP, RN, REN, REV, RPA, RPV, RTM, RTT, TK, RPK, RPS, RKS, RGC, RGA, MBP. Series relay VL, ATE, AL, NL, PE, FR, microprocessor series rvts, RDTs, RZL, ukn, USDM, RF amplifier well known to a wide circle of specialists, both domestic and foreign markets.